30 November 2008

When the Weather is bad, Stay in and enjoy some good Company

So Saturday was a blast. Most of are circle of friends were back from home. The weather outside was frightful so we decided to stay in and have some fun. Which included some good drinks, music, and dancing. As Airman in the Dorm's or more like studio apartments. (Don't really like calling them the dorm's feels like I'm in college.) We have a good circle of friends we stick together and always have a good time.

So we danced and drinked the night away as responsible 20-somethings. Yes that is me singing into the remote control, hey I didn't have a microphone and that was the next best thing.

And yes I am standing on my chair I was singing to my favorite song! I guess it was so good I needed a stage lol. We airman know how to have a good time and not have to spend a lot of $$. Oh and this all took place in my room by the way. It was my turn. we all take turns it helps with trying to keep are rooms clean. I recommend buying a few boards games like Apples to Apples or Loaded Questions. Both great party games. They never get old.