23 December 2008

CE Christmas Party

So a week and a half ago are CE squadron had are annual Christmas party in are High Bay. This of course was my first one. I am the V.P of the Boosters Club for are squadron, well we are the ones that put on the parties and raise the money for it. We have been working on this party since October. We put a lot of hard work and original thought in to it. Here are the results...

So each year each shop makes a centerpiece for the table and compete for the best one. Which this year are Chief and Base Ce Deputy Commander got to choose. Here are the different center pieces that the shops came up with. The 1st one is a sugar cube bldg modeling the 509th which one. I made a Gingerbread house of course with an added runway strip. It took me 2 day to do, but I had a blast making it. I think this is my best so far. I received runner up so I was pretty excited. It is the 4th picture. (not every shop made one)
We gave away lots of good gifts like flat screen t.v's, blue-ray players and bunch of ipods, a PS3 which I really wanted and a bunch more. The picture below is the top 3 of the boosters club, and of course my eyes were closed!

It was an overall success and lots of fun. As next year I will be deployed for the holiday season. More entries to come soon. I am finally on break for 10 days and I am not at base. So I am enjoying my time off finally. Hope everyone is having a happy holiday.

10 December 2008

The unveiling of the B2 Chopper with OCC guys in Hanger 9

So last Thursday on a cold morning we all headed to hanger 9 on the flight line. We packed in the hanger all excited and anxious to see the latest chopper OCC built just for us 509iners. They had the camera crew from the Discovery channel there. If you don't know the OCC guys have a show. It's called "American Chopper". If your into bikes and stuff like that I'm sure you have heard of it.Well are Command Chief and a Northup Gunman have been working with the OCC for a while coming up with ideas of what the bike should look like. Well in honor of the B2 being at Whiteman for 20 years they wanted to model it after it. So we all gathered around and waited for Senior from the show to bring it out. What a breath-taking event! It was this great feeling when you could hear the bike coming toward us but couldn't see it yet.

Talk about getting goosebumps! Well Senior rides the bike out to the front of the crowd. All you can hear is this big roar from the bike and the cheer from all of us. Once Senior brings the bike up he talks to us for awhile and then the VP of Northup Gunman and the General gives us there words. (btw Northup Gunman are the makers of the B2 they are contracted out we like to call them the "Big Dogs".) Here are some more pictures to help tell the story.
Yes that is Mikey taking a picture with me from the show. It's a funny story actually. I was trying to get my picture with him so I went to the other side and squeezed my way into a group of guys who were also trying to get his attention. So I yell "Hey Mikey!" " Can I get a picture?" He completely turns around and comes over and takes a picture with me. As the guys are telling me that's only because I'm a female in the military. And I said " Yep pretty lucky" and they were like "Must be nice." and I said "Yep it is," and left lol.

So it was pretty crowded there and I needed to get back to work. Later that night my friend Amy and I went over to the Bomb Wing to get some good pictures of the bike.
So I'm sure you can tell by the pictures what an exciting day I had. It was a experience that will go down in my history book and a memory I will never forget. The show will air sometime in January. I will post a note when I find the actual date and time.

01 December 2008


I have been mentoring this girl at the local Middle School here in Knob Noster. She is in the 6th grade. Her Dad is deployed to Korea and her Mom works 2 jobs and she has 7 brothers and sister and all of them are adopted but her. Plus did I mention her parents are going through a divorce? That must be a lot for a little 11 year old. I met her back in September. She is a very smart girl but didn't have much motivation to do her work. Well she has come pretty far in these last few months. She still skips out on her homework sometimes but I try to give her some motivation to do it and tell how important it is to do well in school. I know when I was a kid I didn't want to hear that either but now I realize how important it was for my future. If I could go back I would do every homework assignment and would have studied a lot harder. I think it is very important to get through to these kids and show them how important school is.

Well today we worked on her power point. (When did 6th graders start doing power points?) Her project was on King Tutankhamun. For all you history buff's out there here is some interesting information on King Tut.

King Tut was a pharaoh in the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt. He became the next King after Akenhaten at the age of nine. Because of his youth and inexperience, Commander Aye, who was his uncle as well as his private advisor, actually made the important decisions for him.
King Tut was a pharaoh in the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt. He became the next King after Akenhaten at the age of nine. Because of his youth and inexperience, Commander Aye, who was his uncle as well as his private advisor, actually made the important decisions for him. One of the decisions Aye made was to return polytheism to Egypt. Polytheism is basically the belief in gods and goddesses. The cults of the god, Amen, as well as others, were revived.
Because of this change, King Tut, whose full name was actually Tutankhaten, changed his name to Tutankhamen. While his name had meant, "living image of Aten", his new name meant "living image of Amen." King Tut's short rule ended just nine years later, when he was just eighteen years old. The cause of his death is still questioned today, but it is assumed that he was murdered because he died from a blow to the skull. when King Tut died, his body was immediately, preserved by a method of embalming, and then it was mummified. King Tut's mummy was placed inside three coffins, one smaller than the next; the smallest coffin was made of solid gold. The outer two coffins were constructed of wooden frames with gold hammered over them. The coffins were finally placed inside a stone sarcophagus. The Golden Death Mask was placed over the boy's head, and valuables were place on the mummified body as well as inside the wrappings. The other rooms of the tomb were filled with the Golden Throne, a wooden war chest, furniture, a chariot, weapons, and other things that the Egyptians thought King Tut would need in his after life. The tomb was then sealed for protection, especially from robbers.

Mentoring is my way to give back to the community. And it gives a chance for these kids to look up to us Airman. They like us to wear are uniform's because it Set's a positive image for the kids.