23 December 2008

CE Christmas Party

So a week and a half ago are CE squadron had are annual Christmas party in are High Bay. This of course was my first one. I am the V.P of the Boosters Club for are squadron, well we are the ones that put on the parties and raise the money for it. We have been working on this party since October. We put a lot of hard work and original thought in to it. Here are the results...

So each year each shop makes a centerpiece for the table and compete for the best one. Which this year are Chief and Base Ce Deputy Commander got to choose. Here are the different center pieces that the shops came up with. The 1st one is a sugar cube bldg modeling the 509th which one. I made a Gingerbread house of course with an added runway strip. It took me 2 day to do, but I had a blast making it. I think this is my best so far. I received runner up so I was pretty excited. It is the 4th picture. (not every shop made one)
We gave away lots of good gifts like flat screen t.v's, blue-ray players and bunch of ipods, a PS3 which I really wanted and a bunch more. The picture below is the top 3 of the boosters club, and of course my eyes were closed!

It was an overall success and lots of fun. As next year I will be deployed for the holiday season. More entries to come soon. I am finally on break for 10 days and I am not at base. So I am enjoying my time off finally. Hope everyone is having a happy holiday.


Mark said...

Great blog! AFPAA tweeted your post about OCC. That's pretty big time!

Maybe I'm missing something... but "are" is not "our"... Are is it?

Keep up the blogging. I'll link to your blog.

(I'm 40 something... with 20 something years in... )