29 March 2009

One Year

February 13th was one year being Active Duty in the Air Force and one year since I left for basic training. Well this last Friday was one year graduating Basic training. So much has happened since then and I am well on my way to a successful career in the Air Force and each day getting closer to the day I get my Commission.

The picture to the left was taken the weekend I graduated basic. The picture to the right was graduating Tech School.

Here is a short slide show. The 1st pic was taken the weekend of bmt graduation. 2nd pic was graduation tech school. 3rd pic was taken at my promotion event at whiteman when I first arrived and the 4th pic was taken a few months ago on a Honor Guard Detail.

Silver Flag

Hello everyone. I know I have not been good about keeping this blog up to date. But I'm going to get this blog going again.

So as you can see my last entry was about going to Silver Flag training. Between the dates of 7 February and 14 February I went to Tyndall AFB to do some CE Prime BEEF training (It's pretty much warfare training for CE). Most CE troops play it off like it's nothing mostly because they have gone through the training before. But me being a new airman and my first time here I loved it. I learned more then I had ever thought I would and gained experience in other areas I was familiar with. The cadres put me in some leadership positions which taught me how to be a leader in some stressful environments. For the most part I came home with more knowledge then I had expected to and shocked everyone when I told them I had a great time.

When we were there we had to sleep in tents on cots for the week. Which wasn't bad at all. We also had to eat MRE's, they are the military ready to eat meals loaded with calories and vacuumed sealed food but if your lucky you might get a pack of m&m's or skittles. We were not allowed to leave the camp while we were there until the last day. Which happened to be Friday night. So when we were released a few of us met up with an old friend from Whiteman who moved to Tyndall a few months ago. He took us to the old town Panama City called St. Andrews. We eat on the rooftop of Uncle Ernie's. Let's just say we feasted on seafood and Martini's. I strongly recommend this restaurant it was excellent.

I put this slide show of pictures I took while I was there.

Here are a few very cool videos I took I think you will enjoy them.

This is the day we bombed the runway. If you saw some of the pictures from the slide show you will notice that there were some pictures of craters. Well they were from these bombs going off. You have to wait a little in the video there was a slight delay.

This video below was a practice fire on a C-130 for the firefighters.