29 March 2009

One Year

February 13th was one year being Active Duty in the Air Force and one year since I left for basic training. Well this last Friday was one year graduating Basic training. So much has happened since then and I am well on my way to a successful career in the Air Force and each day getting closer to the day I get my Commission.

The picture to the left was taken the weekend I graduated basic. The picture to the right was graduating Tech School.

Here is a short slide show. The 1st pic was taken the weekend of bmt graduation. 2nd pic was graduation tech school. 3rd pic was taken at my promotion event at whiteman when I first arrived and the 4th pic was taken a few months ago on a Honor Guard Detail.


Chibuzor said...

Congrats!!! I'm new to your blog & i find it interesting. I look forward to joining the Airforce next yr. Pls, are laptops & cell phones allowed in BMT & Tech school? Thanks