10 December 2008

The unveiling of the B2 Chopper with OCC guys in Hanger 9

So last Thursday on a cold morning we all headed to hanger 9 on the flight line. We packed in the hanger all excited and anxious to see the latest chopper OCC built just for us 509iners. They had the camera crew from the Discovery channel there. If you don't know the OCC guys have a show. It's called "American Chopper". If your into bikes and stuff like that I'm sure you have heard of it.Well are Command Chief and a Northup Gunman have been working with the OCC for a while coming up with ideas of what the bike should look like. Well in honor of the B2 being at Whiteman for 20 years they wanted to model it after it. So we all gathered around and waited for Senior from the show to bring it out. What a breath-taking event! It was this great feeling when you could hear the bike coming toward us but couldn't see it yet.

Talk about getting goosebumps! Well Senior rides the bike out to the front of the crowd. All you can hear is this big roar from the bike and the cheer from all of us. Once Senior brings the bike up he talks to us for awhile and then the VP of Northup Gunman and the General gives us there words. (btw Northup Gunman are the makers of the B2 they are contracted out we like to call them the "Big Dogs".) Here are some more pictures to help tell the story.
Yes that is Mikey taking a picture with me from the show. It's a funny story actually. I was trying to get my picture with him so I went to the other side and squeezed my way into a group of guys who were also trying to get his attention. So I yell "Hey Mikey!" " Can I get a picture?" He completely turns around and comes over and takes a picture with me. As the guys are telling me that's only because I'm a female in the military. And I said " Yep pretty lucky" and they were like "Must be nice." and I said "Yep it is," and left lol.

So it was pretty crowded there and I needed to get back to work. Later that night my friend Amy and I went over to the Bomb Wing to get some good pictures of the bike.
So I'm sure you can tell by the pictures what an exciting day I had. It was a experience that will go down in my history book and a memory I will never forget. The show will air sometime in January. I will post a note when I find the actual date and time.


Nap Mom said...

Yep. We watch OCC. Nice pic!

Derf said...

Great job! Congratulations on joining the Air Force and thanks for your blog. It's neat to see what's going on.

Go Share Your Faith said...

Jen, I came to your site because of the B2 chopper; I found it in a search.

All I wanted to say was thank you for your sacrifice. Military life is not the most cushy life that there is, and I appreciate you doing what you do.

Compression Socks said...

That is a sweet chopper. I saw the episode where they built it.