20 January 2009

A New Beginning For America

Historical Events are taking place today for the Country. The First African-American was sworn into Presidency, The Honorable Barack Obama Commander and Chief, I am so proudly to say. He gives us hope for this Country and a Positive outlook on things. Right now I am watching the on going events as I write this. Wishing I was in D.C to celebrate.

As I listened this morning to the first speech from the our new President I regained hope for the Country. President Obama says, "Putting off unpleasant decisions has surely passed, we need to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and begin rebuilding America." I think this is very true. We need to stop complaining and dwelling on the negative things and start focusing on what we can do as a country to fix the problems we have created. We need to Focus on the Economy and the Military and what it going to happen with the War. As a Active Military member I will be looking forward to President Obama's plans with the military and the war. Today is a day of celebrating for the Obama family. Tomorrow is the day work begins for the New President and the Country.


Phyllis Zimbler Miller said...

Jen --

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Anonymous said...

Change, change, change...

Sigvaris Hose said...

Historical events yes, but I don't know if it is in our best interest to choose someone based on their differences. Best to choose the most highly qualified and best candidate.