12 April 2009

The Royals Home Opener 2009

Friday April 10th, 20 Air Force members from Whiteman were selected to hold the American Flag on the Field of Kauffman Stadium home of the Kansas City Royals. Well I was one of those members! Friday was the Royals Home Opener, but it was any ordinary home opener. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the KC Royals. So the folks at the Stadium put a wonderful pre-game show together. Which took some practice.

On Wednesday we all met at the Stadium in KC to have a dress rehearsal. A 4 hour practice!!! Well it was worth it. It was actually fun. There was a lot of waiting so in the mean time I took pictures. We got see a preview of the video they put together for the show. We were the first public eyes to watch it because it was a big secret!

Well I anxiously waited for Friday to come along as I was really excited to feel the rush of being on the field and hear the thousands of fans in the stands. My friend Carlin and I met up early and joined the many tailgaters in the parking lot. When I mean early I mean early. We were there around 1130am. (we had to be there by 1400.) We walked around and enjoyed the smell of the barbeque's going. We eventually made it into the stadium and walked around and around and around. We made it down to the dugouts were we got to watch practice.

Last year I was at a game and caught a foul ball. Well I brought this ball back with me and I'm sure glad I did. I got three autographs from the royals. Which included Miguel Olivo catcher, Alex Gordon infielder, and Trey Hillman manager of the Royals. I do have to say I am a big Yankee fan but unlike the yankees the royals were right there for autographs. Damm those Yankee's who make to much money and think they are to good for autographs (Had to get that out)

Well it was time to meet up in the tunnel with the other AF people to get ready for the show. Each of us got in are positions with the 100ftx50ft flag to go out on to the field. We walked onto the field to hear the crowd roaring. What a feeling that was. We were against the outfield wall until everyone got in there spots. The had a very nice opening to the pre game show.

They gave us the cue to move up to the grass and then to run out with the flag. This was the greatest feeling, being able to run onto the field and open the flag up and hear the crowd go wild. Then the Star- Spangled Banner starts and as it end 4 A-10's from the 442nd Reserve Unit at Whiteman make a fly over the Stadium. It was so amazing I actually got goosebumps from it. I found this picture taken of the field of the finale of the show which has all of us in it. And also the video is so you can hear the crowd from the field.

It was probably one of the best baseball games I have ever been to! The Yankees beat the royal 4-1 so i was happy.

I want to take this time to to thanks all the kind people at the game who bought my food, beers, drinks and Ice cream. That was so thoughtful. I didn't have to pay for one thing!


Mark said...

That must have been absolutely great!

The closest I've ever come was watching A-10s from my unit do a flyover at Fenway Park. Of course, I watched it on TV.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
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*I apologize if you have received this comment in the past*

karmean said...

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for having your blog. :) I'm 20 years old, and recently joined the DEP program for the AF. It's always nice to see things from a woman's point of view of the AF.. especially one in her twenties. It really helps me, as I await to leave. Thanks again.

Michele said...

I went to quite a few Royals games when I lived in Kansas City in my early teens. Glad you had fun.

Started following you recently and hope you keep writing. I am an AF Veteran. I went in right out of High school and served 13 years. My husband and I met while we were serving and he just retired after close to 28 years in. Our eldest child, is about to be "20 something and in the Air Force" as she just enlisted and should be headed to BMT in August.