27 January 2010

From a Retired Air Force CMSgt

Today I sat in a meeting with the rest of my office. We had the privilege to meet with our Chief of Operations Mr. Gentz a retired Air Force  CMSgt. He is the Boss of all my Boss's. He is a big deal around here. I have met with him on several occasions for work related things. Let me tell you he is one of the greatest speakers I have ever listened too.  But today really did it for me. He shared with us some inspiring and motivating information.  Now I would like to share it with my reader's out there and pass on the inspiration and motivation.

Own your name and take care of your name, Have pride in what you do, your name is on it.

3 Pea's in a Pod

1) Persistant
2) Perseverance
3) Passion

These 3 things are key to achieving your goals which achieve your dreams.

1) Make success a choice when you wake up.

2) Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.

5 Keys to Have

1) Staffing- Win this thing together

2) Training- Take advantage of OJT, and other training available to you, never pass it away

3) Planning- Dreams are where we end up, goals are how we got there.

4) Atitude- Stress is your enemy. Pressure is your alliance.

5) Teamwork- A team always beats an individual. As Mr. Gentz put it, you can have the best basketball player in the world but with out teamwork you will never win the title's.

These are just the few key things I picked up today. I hope you find this as useful as I have already. Today after this my brain was really cranking thinking about how I could use these key things to help me become a better Human and Team Player.

"Seize the Moment"


Joe said...

Sounds like you have a good CMSgt there. Just a bit of history for you. The Chief, although a great resource was not one of our CMSAF. Below is our history from beginning to present. Don't let that take away from his prestige or great advice. Just wanted to make sure you had your AF history correct:

CMSAF Tenure
Paul W. Airey April 3, 1967 – July 31, 1969
Donald L. Harlow August 1, 1969 – September 30, 1971
Richard D. Kisling October 1, 1971– September 30, 1973
Thomas N. Barnes October 1, 1973 – July 31, 1977
Robert D. Gaylor August 1, 1977 – July 31, 1979
James M. McCoy August 1, 1979 – July 31, 1981
Arthur L. Andrews August 1, 1981 – July 31, 1983
Sam E. Parish August 1, 1983 – June 30, 1986
James C. Binnicker July 1, 1986 – July 31, 1990
Gary R. Pfingston August 1, 1990 – October 25, 1994
David J. Campanale October 26, 1994 – November 1, 1996
Eric W. Benken November 5, 1996 – July 30, 1999
Frederick J. Finch July 31, 1999 – June 28, 2002
Gerald R. Murray July 1, 2002 – June 30, 2006
Rodney J. McKinley July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2009
James A. Roy July 1, 2009 – incumbent[1]

Jen said...


I know he wasn't a CMSAF, I just worded it wrong. I was meaning He was a CMSGT in the Air Force. But thanks for the History of all the CMSAF's. :)

Tess Fredrickson said...

This is a really good advice I am going to us this sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

only a very talented and inventive individual could take the 3 p's in a pod and make it so upbeat---gotta good dude there---
gulf war--diabled vet Haas--(yes)
bonaza--but im a boney butt chick
still funny tho --eh?

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. You won't believe what this poor guy was court martialed for:


Vet Mike

Brian Bing said...

Hey Guys,

Found this video about S.E.R.E - Air Force Survivor School and thought you all might enjoy it.



Anonymous said...

I know this post is very old, but this but what a great speaker and greater guy. True respect.

ex-Hollywood Liberal said...

You may be interested in these criminal cases, and how it could affect thousands of service members... http://www.omsj.org/corruption/mhrp-problem


Michel Babun said...

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