08 January 2010

Feeling the Effects of the Surge

So today I found out that I'm deploying to Afghanistan in 10 months. I'm lost for words really. Most People Civilians wouldn't understand what I'm about to say but I'm a little excited. Not excited b/c I'm going to fight a war but excited because this will be a big learning experience for me. I serve my country everyday doing my everyday job in the military but now I will be able to serve my country by helping with the war effort and being part of a team to help accomplish an overall mission. 

I feel our Country has once again fallen apart. In my opinion I wonder if the big decision makers in D.C remember why we went over there in the first place. It seems like this is going to be a never ending war because their really isn't any end game plan yet. But I hold faith in the system that they are working on a plan.

If your out there reading this, I would like you to do one simple task. If you see somebody in uniform go up to them and shake their hand. It might sound like nothing but it means a lot. Also take the time to really think about what the Military is doing over there. It's not all bad. A lot of good stuff is going on as well. When watching the news pay attention to the positive details or go online to your local Military website and read some of the stories of the war effort. I truly believe it will surprise you.


Mark said...

Do you know where in Afghanistan you're going? Bagram or maybe Camp Bastion?

The hardest part will be getting all of your pre-deployment crap together. AFCENT's checklists can be overkill. Once you get in, get your rightstart brief done, you'll find it goes OK.

Leanne said...

How goes it with getting your husband where he needs to be?
I like your blog, my daughter is 20 something and will be sworn in on Monday and headed to basic at Lackland AFB.
I wish you good luck, dear girl. Thank you for you spirit and your service.

A Mom